How To Fix Your Xbox 360

Hey, Bryan here, 

I assume you are reading these lines because you want to learn how to fix your xbox 360.

If you are, then I strongly suggest that you keep on reading.

I Have been looking for a way to fix my xbox 360 by myself for about 4 months now...

I've tried a bunch of techniques and really stupid methods:

  • Wrapping your Xbox 360 in a humid towel, 
  • Pay some ''geek'' in my local town to fix it, and get ripped off! 
  • I even tried to cool down my console by putting it in the fridge! (Yes, some of the tips I've found online were suggesting me to really do that!) 

All I wanted was to fix my xbox 360 by myself, and after a lot of  research online(Yes, I did exactly what you are doing right now!), I've came across a pretty cool E-Book.

It's called ''James Dean 3Red Light Fix Ebook'' 

If you want to sneak a peak at the official product page, just CLICK HERE 

The E-book is not perfect, although it's filled with some pretty decent information.

Please be advised that I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now...

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to be playing your favorite game and then all of the sudden, your TV goes black because your xbox 360 is showing you those infamous 3 red rings. God I hate this moment!

James Dean 3Red Light Fix Ebook Review

The Awful Truth

You know, about a year ago, I was just like you:

Desperate to find a solution that would hep me fix my xbox 360 myself.

Being not so ''financialy healthy",the last thing I wanted to do was spending 150$ to send my gaming console to Microsoft, and then wait 6 weeks to get it back. 

I wanted things to happen right away, and my friends, the awful truth is that this E-book was in fact not far from being what I EXACTLY wanted...

Why This E-book?

First, it's a lot cheaper then sending your Xbox 360 to Microsoft( 150$). For about 30 bucks, you can download the E-book, start the learning process, watch the videos and slowly understand how to fix your console all by yourself.

Second,you will get a lot of step-by-step written instructions, and "how to videos" to help you do the work at home, just like a pro would do it...

Here's a couple of screenshots from the Videos included with the  Official E-book

Click Here  To Learn More About The James Dean 3Red Light Fix Ebook

As you can see, the instructions videos are very detailed. It's an ''Idiot Proof'' step-by-step learning process.

The Negative Points

As I told you previously, the E-book is not perfect. Here is a breakdown of what I think are some weak spots and things that could be optimized.

  • The learning curve is sometimes hard, but not impossible
  • Some of the videos have questionable sound quality, so turn on your speakers high!
  • The incredible amount of information provided in the E-Book(+ the videos) is almost scary, maybe you want to take a cup of coffee before starting your reading.